Advise, search and find! Applicants or companies: Your demands are our competence

We are problem solvers, coaches, organisers and facilitators.
Our expertise includes all necessary tools to bring a recruiting cycle to a positive conclusion.

Regardless of whether we accompany applicants or companies: We are highly specialised and adapt to the specific requirements of each case.

Would you like to develop professionally?

From optimising the design of your CV to interview preparation and briefing on the company’s job and requirements.

What does your career planning look like? Which position has the best work-life balance? What should be the next step in your career? What counteroffers are available, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the vacancies on the market? Contract negotiations often fail due to faulty communication, excessive demands and overreaching on the part of the other side. We help you to avoid mistakes.

You will benefit from the insights of a knowledgeable third party and additionally supported by our industry expertise and market assessments.
We put particular emphasis on transparency and honesty!

We know what businesses need. Our search methods are dynamic, flexible and customised. We are the specialists for the specialists

We offer you in-depth market knowledge of current developments in IT, ENGINEERING, FINANCE & LEGAL and in other sectors.
Based on these core sectors and a constantly updated and growing in-house database, an international portfolio of specialised candidates has been built up.

We provide services such as qualification and selection discussions, interviews and support in contract negotiations. Our experienced consultants take the responsibility for that, and they provide transparently documented work processes with regular status reports.

We accompany and support you in dealing with administrative questions as well as with the long-term career planning of specialists and executives. Our specialists operate at the interface between our clients and candidates. We connect people.

We are familiar with the increasing complexity of the economic structure with more and more niche activities and its specialists.
Of course, candidates can be identified and selected via social networks. However, the network can never replace the individual approach and the assistance of experienced counsellors.

The organic and process-adapted use of all resources is the key to success.

We act according to the wishes and requirements of our clients

We accompany, advise, support and organise the process of filling a vacant position. Our cooperation models are based on the task or the complexity of the mandate and are determined in advance by the rating tool. They include various scopes of services.

Please contact our consultants for further information and/or questions.

Success-based search

This includes database search, network search, advertisement placement and the delivery of a small selection of candidates who are interested in the position and match the profile.

Exclusive success-based search

Clients place their trust in Brownian Motion and do not use other recruitment agencies. In addition to the service points mentioned in the first model, the consultants participate in the interviews, the search and delivery of the candidates until the position is successfully filled.

Direct search mandate/Retainer

This service is offered for vacancies that are difficult to fill. This search requires particularly intensive support in terms of advertisements, direct approaches, analyses and similar services. The fee is invoiced in three steps: after the contract has been awarded, after candidate profiles have been presented and after the contract has been signed. The scale can be freely determined.

Package Solutions

Here, a kind of "flat rate" is agreed upon, where a certain fee can be set for ten positions to be filled. Alternatively, a fixed amount of money can be agreed per placement. The commission calculation is based on the gross annual salary of the candidate to be placed.

We go one step further with you!

The efficiency of our services is based on a sustainable cooperation with our clients and is guaranteed by our individualised processes.

Personnel requirements planning

Here we operate as an external consultant. After analysing the requirement in the first meeting, proposals are developed for the design of the cooperation. In close coordination, the following search is based on a project plan.

Progress reports

Progress reports are written during the execution of a project. These reports include the description of our activities during the consultation and reporting period. The service strategy and the candidate profile can be continuously reviewed and adjusted if necessary.

APM (After Placement Meetings) 

After a successful placement, it is important for us to assess the project with the client. His feedback helps the counsellors to increase client satisfaction and to analyse and optimise future needs.

Market trends and analyses

Studies and analyses are made available to the customer. This information is based on the company's own market surveys and analyses, which not only serve as important sources of information for the customer, but also provide a knowledge edge.

Networking on an international level and yet to the point

Brownian Motion collaborates with smaller, highly specialised companies as well as with renowned DAX 30 companies.
Located at the heart of Europe, Frankfurt am Main guarantees good accessibility for national and international clients (reinforced by the Frankfurt International Airport) and is therefore predestined as the headquarters of Brownian Motion. Our main client portfolios cover the D/A/CH region as well as in Luxembourg, Lichtenstein and France.
We also maintain an extensive and constantly growing network all over Europe as well as the USA, Canada, the United Arab Emirates – and here especially in the energy and financial sectors.
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    • Deutschland
    • Osterreich
    • Schweiz
    • Lichtenstein
    • Frankreich
  • Wachstumsmärke:
    • Frankreich, Belgien, Niederlande
    • Danemark, Schweden, Norwegen
    • Griechenland, Italien, Spanien
    • Grobbritannien
    • Slowakei, Tschechien
    • USA, Kanada


Those who recognise niches can react more efficiently – also in human resources

The world of work is constantly changing. We have evolved with it and recognised the niches in the individual markets and support our clients in their search for suitable employees.
The demand for skilled, specialised and managerial staff continues to rise in Europe. The growing complexity of the economic structure with more and more niche activities and specialists plays an important role.

One focus in the selection of our core markets is the creation of synergies. In addition to our qualitative approach, our partners appreciate our wide-ranging and comprehensive expertise in our core markets of IT, ENGINEERING, FINANCE & LEGAL (Perm & Freelancing). This enables us to process any enquiry promptly and with maximum efficiency.

We perform as industry experts!

Flexible and specialised labour markets need flexible specialists

Digital progress, new regulations and the derivation of technology solutions in all sectors of finance are the major challenges in the industry. To meet these regulatory requirements and massive structural changes, a complex and complementary recruitment of finance and banking experts is essential – as well as the support of a reliable partner.

Our recruitment specialists have several years of experience in the banking and insurance industry. We use their excellent analytical skills to develop our dynamic and solution-oriented approaches.

In addition, our specialists in the fields of Law, Taxes and Real Estate help to meet the challenges of the business community and to further shape the courses of both local/European law firms and international companies.

Our Banking- & Finance & Law-Specialists

Main focus



The environment is changing, and so is the labour market. We supply the necessary engineering specialists

Due to various dynamic changes in the engineering sector, the role of the modern engineer is expanding. In addition to the enormous demand for engineers with subject-specific degrees of specialisation in mechanical and automotive engineering as well as energy and electrical engineering, there is also an increase in the number of engineers with expertise in civil engineering.

Reduction targets of CO2 emissions, climate protection targets, the general interest of society in investing in research and development in favour of environmentally friendly technologies, artificial intelligence and automation and electrical engineering, the digital transformation of Industry 4.0, quality management: All these influences demand innovative business models and solutions in the field of recruitment or company compatibility.
We have put together a core team in the field of engineering that knows the subject matter inside out and filters out the suitable experts in the engineering sector for your company.

Our Engineering-Specialists

Main focus



The digital transformation is omnipresent and more serious than ever

If you want to be competitive, you must invest in this segment. In the view of many CIOs, the importance of digitalisation has increased enormously in recent years. This has led to a fundamental change in the business models of many companies.

In-house software development, the dynamic development of the Internet of Things, the networking of such IoT systems within a global IT infrastructure, smart technologies, hybrid clouds, virtual and augmented reality as well as the response to security risks, data security, cyberattacks and compliance requirements about the directives of the GDPR are crucial areas that IT specialists must be familiar with.

We offer our clients the advice of our recruitment specialists from the IT sector and our comprehensive network of selected IT experts to develop tailormade solutions.

Our Information Technology-Specialists

Main focus


Flexible and specialised labour markets need flexible specialists

Digitalisation is continuously changing the corporate world. The same is true for the labour market. Different employment models and flexibility are more important than ever before. Providing the right know-how at the right time and in the right place is a crucial task for the success of most companies, and it will gain even more relevance in the future.

The project-based use of freelancers is the ideal response to these changes. Companies can buy in the expertise needed for the successful implementation of projects for a limited period and according to their needs.

Brownian Motion Contracting supports clients with its F-Q-R system: It symbolises fairness, quality and legal certainty in the areas of construction, IT, finance and law and healthcare.

The customer benefits of working with Brownian Motion GmbH lie in the fast, needs-based and legally secure filling of vacancies as well as in precise matching through qualitative selection procedures. We work transparently and disclose our margins (open book). There is no risk for clients – remuneration is only paid in case of success.

Main focus


Check requirements – develop ideas – show perspectives ... our applicants!

Optimal recruiting relies on a joint and personal evaluation of the possibilities for your job search. We support you from the very first moment as partners and mentors with comprehensive expertise in your professional environment.

Use the direct contact to our recruiting specialists – without obligation – to initiate further steps

Der schnellste Weg ist das direkte Gespräch. Wir erwarten Euch.

Über die Kontaktaufnahme bis hin zu einer weiteren Abstimmung in einem Gespräch und im Anschluss einer reibungslosen Zusammenarbeit steht Euch unser eingespieltes Team zur Verfügung. Wir unterstützen außerdem bei der Findung der geeigneten Vakanz sowie Unternehmens oder unseres optimalen Betreuung-Modules.

Unmittelbar erreichbar und kompetent – unsere Teams bei Brownian Motion.